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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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  •  Post Auricula rLymphatic_Drainage
  • Abdominal Lymphatic_Drainage
  • Abdominal Gathering Lymphatic_Drainage

Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

Manual Lymphatic Drainage was developed to treat lymphedema and edema, and it’s also wonderful for soothing an overtaxed nervous system. This light touch treatment can take you deep!

Because edema responds to MLD the way non-fibrotic lymphedema does, MLD and “lymphatic massage” are gaining popularity before and especially after many surgical procedures. Be sure your therapist has taken a substantial foundation course in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and is staying up to date with new research.

Properly applied MLD is NOT:
Incisional drainage
A cure for cellulite

The above are just a few of the misinformation found on social media. If you’re concerned about your comfort prior to your first treatment, please feel free to call (512) 718-9815. Alaria will be happy to set your mind at ease as best she can.