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Oncology Massage

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Oncology massage is for anyone affected by cancer.

During active treatment and the year following, massage modifications are usually necessary. You might not even feel up to receiving massage some days – a well-trained oncology massage therapist understands this and knows lighter-touch methods to avoid adding to your fatigue.

In survivorship, sometimes site adaptations are still recommended. You might be able to receive unmodified massage on your unaffected areas, with changes only where needed to reduce the risk of late-onset effects. Alaria will review your medical and treatment history, and modify your massage only where necessary.

“A client affected by cancer” is:

  • Anyone ever treated for cancer
  • Anyone in active treatment for cancer
  • Anyone receiving maintenance treatment for cancer
  • Anyone who has ever had cancer surgery
  • Adults treated for cancer during childhood
  • Anyone with a personal history of cancer treatment

        — Paraphrasing Cal Cates, Healwell