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Services We Offer

Her offerings range from anatomically based deep tissue massage, to Manual Lymphatic Drainage, to cupping therapy, to remote energy work. With over 20 years of experience and continuing education, she customizes each session to your body and goals.

Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
Certified Cupping Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist
Massage Mentor
Somatic Translation Founder
Cosmic Compass Facilitator
Raindrop Technique Practitioner
C.A.R.E. Essential Oil Practitioner
LaHo-Chi Practitioner


An Explanation of Our Services

Manual Lymphatic Drainage was developed to treat lymphedema and edema, and it’s also wonderful for soothing an overtaxed nervous system. This light touch treatment can take you deep!

Massage Therapy can range from light touch relaxation to firm pressure deep tissue focus on muscles several layers beneath the surface of your body.

Cupping Therapy works by creating a sectioned vacuum which pulls the underlying tissue up, relieving bound fascia and constricted muscle.

Your body is talking to you all the time. Do you understand it? Somatic Translation can help clarify communication between your body and your mind.

As a Cosmic Compass Facilitator, I guide you through the board game as we explore your questions about your current direction. Games can be private sessions in person or via Zoom or group Soirees. Monthly, drop-in introductory Soirees are also offered.

Valor Oil Applied to Feet
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