A Little More About Me…

Alaria Godwin, LMT
Focus on Trapezius
Alaria Outside of the Office

It’s past time for a more in-depth “About Me” than what you’ll find on my website. In addition to being a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, ICTA Certified Cupping Therapist, and S4OM Preferred Provider, I’m also a motorcyclist, Kabalarian student, and homebody.

I have made peace with the fact that I am not consistent about writing, sharing images, and all around promoting myself. My off-screen life and direct interactions with individuals are my main priorities.

I live with my partner, his dog, and Post-Concussive Syndrome. I have a strong practical streak, and I’m also rather adept at suspending disbelief. As much as my favorite phrase has been “I know” (I’m a 6 Birthpath,) one of those things I know is that each person is, hands down, the only expert at living their own life. That’s why I invite feedback and find myself continually reminding people “it’s your session.”

Massage chose me. I’ve attempted to exit the industry more than once to focus on the less definable, more direct in verbalizing soul-level modalities I’ve picked up along my 55 years in this body on Earth. I keep coming back and falling in love with bodywork all over again. I believe putting my hands upon others and encouraging their inner healer to activate (or reactivate…or something…) is why I was created. I am thankful
that I found my purpose so (relatively) early in life.

Did I mention that I can head down a rabbit hole of flowery, rather out-there speech? I can do that, too.

Expand, contract. Ebb, flow. Practical, esoteric. Static, fluid. Life is made of contrast, and while I certainly wasn’t the first to say “the only constant is change” I absolutely believe it.

So I don’t have a single writing voice. At times, I present facts. Others, I may sound outside of the atmosphere. I have strong opinions, and my ethical standards are high enough that few have met them 90% of the time (certainly I have not!) I work to be informative; not everyone is interested in the same sorts of information.

If you read all the way through this, thank you. If doing so was a challenge, please bear with me, and in my blog I’ll tag what may seem a little more out there as “musings.”