Weather Related Cancellations


You know how it is when you have a plan, and then something happens to change that, right?

I thought it was time to write and share an “about me” kind of post, but the weather had other plans. Temperatures plummeted and suddenly it’s cold and wet here in Wimberley. Wherever this winter weather came from, it’s redirected me to share another sort of “about.”

Short form:  I am lenient with my 24-hour cancellation policy when it comes to weather-related cancellations. (The same goes for illnesses.)

Like most massage and appointment-based professionals, I ask for 24 hours’ notice to avoid late cancellation fees. Being an independent business owner, I can waive that if I choose to, and often times, I will. Safety is primary. Also, among the countless health benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and massage therapy is stress reduction.

Working in the complimentary therapies industry, why would I encourage people to arrive to their appointment stressed from the drive? That’s simply not logical (or nice!) It makes no sense to work in the empowerment business and insist people drive in conditions that are not safe/they are not comfortable with. It also makes no sense to “fine” people for speaking up about their limits…so I don’t.

If you need to cancel due to ice or flooding or other weather threats, it’s all good. Just let me know, and we’ll reschedule for when conditions are better.

Stay warm, my friends!